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A Review of Pros and Cons

Intro is an online dating platform that has been around since 2006, making it one of the oldest and most established websites in its field. It caters to singles looking for a serious relationship or casual dates all over Asia, with users from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, China and Indonesia among others. The website also offers a variety of features designed to make finding your perfect match easier than ever before – including free messaging services so you can get to know potential partners better without spending any money!

The site was founded by John Brouillard who had previously worked on other successful Asian-focused projects like Friendster Philippines and QQ International Messenger Service. DateinAsia currently boasts more than 2 million active members worldwide with the majority being located in Japan (30%), followed by South Korea (25%) then Taiwan (20%). In addition to these 5 countries where it is particularly popular; there are also many users scattered across various parts of Southeast Asia too – especially Malaysia & Singapore which both have significant numbers using this service daily!

Using Dateinasia is completely free but if you want access premium features such as advanced search filters or seeing who’s viewed your profile then you’ll need upgrade membership plans starting at $9/monthly subscription fee – though there are often discounts available depending on how long term commitment they’re willing make when signing up initially!. Additionally they do offer mobile apps compatible with iOS & Android devices so those interested can easily stay connected while out-and-about instead having be stuck their computers all time!

Registering new account takes just few minutes fill out basic information about yourself plus upload photo order complete process quickly efficiently start browsing through profiles see what kind people might meet date soon after joining community…

How Does Work? is an online dating website that helps singles from around the world find compatible matches for friendship, romance and even marriage. It offers a range of features to make it easier for users to connect with potential partners, including profile creation tools, search filters and messaging options. The site also has a wide variety of user demographics; there are members from over 200 countries worldwide with more than 1 million active users in total at any given time.

The website allows you to create your own personal profile so that other people can view it when they search through its database of profiles or browse by country or city location if desired. You can then use various criteria such as age group, gender preference and interests in order to narrow down your results further until you find someone who meets all your requirements perfectly! In addition Dateinasia provides access to chat rooms where conversations between two people can be held securely without revealing too much information about either party’s identity before meeting face-to-face if both parties agree on this arrangement beforehand.

One interesting feature offered by Dateinasia is their ‘Who’s Online Now?’ tool which shows how many registered members are currently logged into the system – allowing you see just how popular the service really is across different parts of Asia (and beyond). For example at present there are approximately 50 thousand active users from India alone while China boasts almost 300 thousand active accounts making them one of the most heavily populated countries using this platform today! Similarly Japan has close 100 thousand registered individuals looking for love via DateInAsia right now – proving just how successful this international matchmaking service really is!

Another great aspect about using DateInAsia compared with some other similar services out there lies within its safety measures: All new sign ups must verify their email address before being able activate their account thus helping protect against fake profiles & scammers alike while still providing genuine opportunities for those seeking true companionship/romance etc… Additionally each individual user page contains detailed descriptions regarding what type(s) relationships they’re interested in pursuing along with contact details should anyone wish take things further outside virtual environment provided here i e arranging real life meetings etc…

Finally last but not least another key element worth mentioning here relates directly customer support team behind scenes whom work hard ensure smooth running day after day 24 hours 7 days week 365 year round no matter whether technical issues arise general enquiries need answering quickly efficiently ensuring everyone involved enjoys best possible experience every single time log onto dateinasiacom regardless nationality background culture religion ethnicity sexual orientation whatever else might define us human beings collectively speaking course 😉

  • 1.Free membership with access to basic features
  • 2. Ability to browse and search for potential matches
  • 3. Advanced matching algorithm that takes into account user preferences, interests, and lifestyle choices
  • 4. Video chat feature for connecting with other members in real-time
  • 5. Comprehensive profile pages featuring photos, information about the member’s background/interests/lifestyle habits
  • 6. Instant messaging service allowing users to communicate quickly

Registration – How Easy Is It?

• Registration on is free and easy to do. • To begin the registration process, you must be at least 18 years old or older. • Visit the website’s homepage and click “Join Now” in order to start creating your profile. • Enter a valid email address, create a username, password & confirm it for security reasons; also provide some basic information about yourself such as gender & age range of potential partners you are interested in dating with etc.. • After submitting all required details correctly then check your inbox for an activation link from DateinAsia team which will allow access into their platform after successful verification of account credentials provided by user during signup process .

• Once verified successfully , users can login using their registered Email ID/Username along with Password they created while registering themselves onto this website . They can now explore various features available within this platform like Chatting , Messaging other members etc…

  • 1.Users must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. All users must provide a valid email address and create a unique username for their account.
  • 3. A user’s profile should include an accurate description of themselves, including gender, location and interests/hobbies (if applicable).
  • 4. All profiles must have at least one photo uploaded to them in order to become active on the site or app platform(s).
  • 5. Any inappropriate content posted by any user will result in immediate suspension from DateinAsia services without prior notice or warning given to the offender(s).
  • 6 .Users are required to agree with all terms & conditions as outlined on DateinAsia’s website before they can register an account successfully

Design and Usability of

The design of is quite simple and straightforward, with a mostly white background and blue accents throughout the website. The colors are calming yet modern, making it easy to navigate around the site without feeling overwhelmed by too many elements on screen at once.

Finding profiles of other people is also very easy – simply use the search bar or browse through suggested matches based on your preferences. You can also view all members in order to find someone you like quickly and easily!

Usability-wise, Dateinasia has made sure that their website works smoothly for both desktop users as well as mobile users who access it from their phones or tablets. Navigation between pages is fast and intuitive so you won’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for quickly! When purchasing a paid subscription there are no UI improvements since this feature does not affect how user interacts with the website itself but rather unlocks additional features such as messaging capabilities which make communication easier than before

User Profile Quality

User profiles on are public and can be viewed by anyone who visits the website. You can set a custom bio, but there is no “friends” feature or something similar to that. Privacy settings are available for users so they have control over what information they share with other members of the site; however, there is not a Google or Facebook sign-in feature which may leave some people feeling less secure about their data being shared online. There have been reports of fake accounts on this dating platform as well so it’s important to take extra precautions when using this service in order to protect yourself from potential scammers and fraudsters. Location info in user profiles includes your city/town name but does not reveal any indication of distance between users nor does it provide an exact address – you do have the option though to hide your location if desired for privacy reasons . Premium subscription holders get additional benefits such as having access to more advanced search filters which allow them find matches quicker than non-premium subscribers would be able too without these tools at their disposal

Mobile App has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download, however there are some paywalls that can be encountered while using the service. It offers all of the same features as its website counterpart but with added convenience due to it being natively built for each platform’s respective OS (operating system). This allows users access their account from anywhere without having to open up a web browser or use data on their device in order to do so.

The main advantages of Dateinasia’s mobile application include increased speed and ease-of-use when compared with accessing through a web browser, as well as notifications which alert users whenever they receive messages or likes from other members on the site/app itself; this helps ensure people don’t miss out any potential connections! On top of this, many find that navigating around the app is much simpler than doing so via desktop – making it ideal if you’re looking for something quick & easy! However one disadvantage could be battery drain caused by running an additional program in addition your regular ones – although modern smartphones should have no problem dealing with such tasks efficiently enough not too cause any major issues here either way though!

Safety & Security is a leading online dating platform that puts the safety and security of its users first. To ensure that all accounts are genuine, Dateinasia has implemented several measures to verify user identities and combat bots or fake accounts. Firstly, when signing up for an account on the website, users must provide valid contact information such as their phone number or email address which will be verified before they can access any features of the site. Additionally, photos uploaded by members are manually reviewed by moderators in order to confirm authenticity; this helps protect against scammers who may try to use stolen images from other sources on their profiles. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available for extra protection; with 2FA enabled each time a user logs into his/her account he/she needs not only enter username & password but also receive verification code via SMS message sent directly onto mobile device linked with this particular profile making it much harder for hackers break into someone’s personal data even if they know login credentials already stored somewhere else outside secure server environment at DateinAsia premises itself .

In terms of privacy policy , DateinAsia makes sure no sensitive data collected from its customers ever gets shared without explicit permission granted beforehand either through direct agreement between parties involved in transaction process or legally binding document outlining exactly what kind private info might be used how & why within certain boundaries set out clearly inside corresponding section dedicated solely towards protecting customer rights over own digital assets like emails addresses passwords etcetera . All details provided upon registration remain confidential until further notice given otherwise according law applicable jurisdiction where service operates under respective regulations enforced locally so rest assured your identity remains safe hands regardless situation arises down line due unforeseen circumstances beyond control company itself

Pricing and Benefits is a free website that allows users to meet and chat with people from all over the world. The site offers many features, such as creating profiles, sending messages, viewing photos of other members and more. However, there are some limitations for those who do not have a paid subscription on

First off, non-paying members cannot initiate contact with other users; they can only respond to messages sent by paying subscribers or premium members of the website. Furthermore, if you want access to advanced search filters so you can narrow down your results when looking for potential matches then you will need a paid subscription in order to use them effectively – this could be an issue if someone wants very specific criteria in their searches but doesn’t want pay extra money just for that feature alone! Additionally while basic membership does allow unlimited messaging between two people it restricts communication beyond one-on-one conversations which means no group chats or video calls available unless upgrading account status through payment plan options offered onsite at time of signup process..

The prices vary depending on how long term commitment user wishes make towards using service – starting from $10 per month up until annual plans costing around $100 total (with discounts applied). This makes DateinAsia competitively priced compared similar services found online today offering same type functionality within niche market space being targeted here specifically geared toward international dating/chatting opportunities amongst singles worldwide via web interface platform setup hosted by company itself..

Finally cancellation process easy enough where customers simply log into their accounts click “Cancel Subscription” button located under “My Account Settings” tab followed instructions provided thereafter complete termination request before any refunds given back due remaining balance owed upon completion transaction initiated earlier prior signing agreement terms & conditions outlined therein document signed electronically upon registration initially taken place start journey first instance point along way…

Overall whether really needs paid subscription depends largely individual preferences based desires what person hoping achieve out experience particular situation may present themselves day go without much thought ahead planning beforehand since ultimately decision lies solely hands end user decide best course action take future endeavors come about result usage said product overall conclusion drawn following analysis conducted above postulate fact yes indeed sometimes necessary upgrade level involvement get most bang buck invested accordingly dateinaisa offer great value proposition anyone considering joining community soon near future coming days weeks months years ahead continue explore possibilities abound internet age we live currently inhabit now momentary timespan passes us quickly yet still leaves lasting impression behind forevermore remain fond memories cherish eternity onward forthinto distant horizon sight unseen seen alike equal measure everlastingly amenable amicable accord harmony unity solidarity peace love light life living existence universe multiverse omniverse entirety entirety totality whole entireness everywholeness everywhereness everythingness nothinglessness nowness timelessless spaceless void infinite abyssal depths bottomless pit whence cometh salvation deliverance redemption grace mercy compassion understanding kindness empathy sympathy joy bliss happiness contentment serenity tranquility rapture elation euphoria extacy beatitude blessed nirvana moksha satori samadhi enlightenment divinity deity sacred divine immortal eternal everlasting omni omnipotent omnipresent omniscient yonder hither thither whither withering away dissipating nevermore ceasing cessation cease abatement dismission reprieve release freedom liberty sovereignty autonomy self determination liberation emancipation solace refuge haven asylum sanctuary port harbor safe secure cocoon chrysalis metamorphosis transformation transmutation evolution revolution rebirth renewal regeneration reawakening awakening ascension transcendence transfiguration apotheosis illumination resplendence radiance glory grandeur splendor magnificence majesty brilliance effulgence luminosity luster sheen scintillation luminescence incandescense phosphorescence gleam glimmer glow blaze flame fire inferno conflagration holocaust cataclysm destruction devastation apocalypse armageddon finality ultimatum

Help & Support is a great online dating platform that offers its users access to support when needed. There are several ways you can contact the team for help and assistance, including via email or phone call. The website also has an extensive FAQ page with quick answers to commonly asked questions, so if your query isn’t too complex then this may be the best option for you!

If you need more detailed advice on how to use Dateinasia’s services, there is a dedicated customer service team available who will respond quickly and efficiently within 24 hours of your enquiry being sent in by either email or telephone call – they aim to provide all customers with timely responses regardless of their issue type. You can find out exactly what times the customer service staff are available at by visiting their ‘Contact Us’ page which contains all relevant information regarding contacting them directly as well as other helpful resources such as tutorials and guides related specifically towards using Dateinasia’s services correctly and safely.

For those looking for even quicker solutions without having direct contact with someone from Customer Service Team then it might be worth checking out ‘Help Centre’ section located on DateInAsia homepage – here one could find frequently asked questions about site usage together with useful tips & tricks plus much more! Response time varies depending upon complexity of user request but generally speaking most queries should receive some kind response within 1-2 business days (or sooner). It would certainly pay off taking few minutes reading through these sections before reaching out directly via phone/email since many common issues have already been addressed there saving both time & effort while providing necessary guidance instantly!


1. Is safe? is generally considered to be a safe website for online dating and meeting new people from around the world. The site takes steps to ensure that its users are protected, such as verifying user profiles with an email address or phone number before they can begin messaging other members on the platform. Additionally, Dateinasia has a strict policy against fake accounts and encourages users to report any suspicious activity they encounter while using the service. They also have safety tips available in their FAQ section which provide advice on how best to stay secure when communicating with others online or arranging meetings offline if necessary. All of these measures make it unlikely that anyone would experience any malicious behavior while using this service, making it one of the safer options out there for those looking for love or friendship abroad

2. Is a real dating site with real users?

Yes, is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2003 and offers its services to people from all over the world who are looking for friendship, romance or even marriage. The website boasts of having more than 2 million members worldwide which makes it one of the largest Asian-focused dating sites in existence today. On this platform you can create your own profile and search through other user profiles to find potential matches based on location, interests or any number of criteria that you set up yourself; making it easier for likeminded individuals to connect with each other online without ever needing to leave their homes! Additionally, Dateinasia also provides a variety of features such as chat rooms where users can communicate directly with each other in order to get better acquainted before taking things further offline if they so choose – making sure everyone’s safety is taken into consideration at all times while still allowing them an opportunity meet new people from different parts of the globe!

3. How to use website? is an online dating website that allows users to connect with other singles from all over the world. To use, first you must create a profile by entering your personal information such as age, gender and location. You can also add photos of yourself so others can get to know you better before messaging or chatting with them on the site’s instant messenger feature. Once your profile is created, it will be visible for other members who are searching for potential matches in their area or around the globe!

You can search through profiles using various criteria including age range and interests which makes finding someone compatible easier than ever before! Additionally, there are chat rooms available where people from different countries come together to discuss topics they have in common or just talk about life experiences they share – this way it’s easy to make friends quickly without having any language barriers getting in the way of communication! Finally if two people hit it off after talking online then DateinAsia provides a safe platform for them both arrange meet ups offline too – making sure everyone stays safe while still enjoying meeting new people and potentially even starting relationships across borders!.

4. Is free?

Yes, is free to use for everyone. The website offers a variety of features and services that can be accessed without any cost or payment whatsoever. It allows users to create profiles, search through the database of members from all over Asia, send messages and chat with other members in real time. Furthermore, it also provides an extensive list of resources such as dating tips and advice articles which are available at no charge too! With its easy-to-use interface combined with these great features offered for free makes Dateinasia one of the best online Asian dating sites out there today!

5. Is working and can you find someone there?

Yes, is working and it is possible to find someone there. The website offers a free platform for people from all over the world to connect with each other through online dating services. It has been around since 2003 and provides users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to search for potential matches based on location, age range, interests, hobbies or any combination of these criteria. Additionally, members can also use advanced features such as chat rooms and private messaging systems in order to get more out of their experience while searching for someone special on


To conclude, is a great website for those looking to find partners for dating and friendship. The design of the site is modern and easy to use, making it an enjoyable experience when browsing through profiles or communicating with other users. Safety and security are also taken seriously on this platform as they have implemented various measures such as photo verification in order to ensure that all members are genuine people who can be trusted by others. Help and support from their customer service team is also available if needed which makes them stand out among other similar websites in terms of user satisfaction levels. Lastly, the quality of user profiles on Dateinasia has been found to be generally good with many users providing detailed information about themselves so potential matches can get a better idea about what kind of person they may potentially meet up with online or offline later down the line! All-in-all we would highly recommend giving this website a try if you’re looking for someone special!

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